Brasserie Blanc, the Core Capital-backed brand, has revealed the next four sites to be refurbished at Farnham, Portsmouth, St Albans and Oxford this quarter with the whole estate due to be refurbished by the end of the year.

The new look, initially trialled at its restaurants in Beaconsfield and Charlotte Street, will take an “understated and more contemporary approach to dining”.

There will be a range of versatile spaces such as a pantry, cheese and wine counters alongside enhanced bar and outdoor areas to create a casual dining experience throughout the day for meals and coffees or drinks.

Mark Derry, CEO of Brasserie Blanc said: “We are excited to announce the roll out of our rebranding plans across the additional sites, which will see Brasserie Blanc appeal to a broader audience and encourage relaxed all day eating and drinking. We have been extremely pleased with the positive response to Cheltenham and Winchester so far, and very much look forward to hearing the comments from local residents of the forthcoming sites. The refurbished Brasserie Blancs reflect our passion for honest French cooking and an everyday, welcoming ambience.”

Last year Derry told M&C the company plans to concentrate on upgrading the Blanc estate whilst adding one or two sites a year to the brand’s portfolio.

Last year, Brasserie Bar Co, the owner of the Brasserie Blanc chain and White Brasserie Company, secured £13.5m of funding from ESO Capital Group to support the expansion and development of the group.