ASK Italian, the Gondola-owned chain, has launched a new marketing campaign, under the banner of #RespectThePasta, to support the introduction of the group’s Spring menu and ”underpin its culinary credentials by highlighting how much care goes into creating and preparing its pasta dishes”.

The Spring campaign includes a survey into the pasta-eating habits of the British public, recipe placements and pasta cooking tips. Short films showing how the chain’s staff respect the pasta can be seen online.

In May, the British public will also be encouraged to say ‘no’ to spaghetti, and try the company’s signature Fettuccine Bolognese – “the way they eat Bolognese in Rome”. Alongside this, the chain will be launching new branded boxes of dried fettuccine pasta, which will retail at £2.50.

Brand new dishes on the menu, which was created with input from retained expert Theo Randall, include ‘Pasta Fresca’ – a range of fresh egg pastas dressed with special ingredients, such as tagliatelle with luganica sausage and porchini, and tagliatelle with lobster and king prawns.

Steve Holmes, managing director, said: “We feel that in the UK, pasta has become undervalued and often over cooked, nothing like the amazing dishes we know from Italy. With the launch of our new Spring menu we’re excited to be introducing our new ‘Pasta Fresca’ range, which has been a huge success in trials, and supporting it with our #RespectThePasta message.”