Wellington Pub Company has successfully overturned an asset of community value listing at its west London pub, the Red Lion in Isleworth.

The pub was listed as an ACV earlier this year after concerned locals learnt that the lease was up for sale. However, the Wellington Pub Company appealed the decision, arguing that the group who nominated the pub had ‘no standing’ to make the nomination, the correct procedure wasn’t followed and the listing was based on misleading information.

Hounslow council agreed that the application from resident’s forum Red Lion Futures should not have been accepted, and found that the council had failed to let the land owner know about the listing.

In her report, senior asset manager Karen Campbell said: “I have come to the conclusion that that the Red Lion Future group have not demonstrated that it qualifies as a nomination group under the regulations and I see a clear and regrettable omission on the part of the council in not informing the land owner. I have concluded there is a clear basis to overturn the listing.”

Campaigner Julian Joyce said he was determined to ‘keep fighting’ for the pub’s future and called on locals to keep supporting the pub, although locals have been assured that there are no plans to develop the pub.