The chief executive of the country's largest nightclub operator has told how he backs the minimum pricing of alcohol. Stephen Thomas told M&C Report that Luminar only discounted when market conditions dictated that it was needed. But he said he would much rather work with the police and local authorities on the issue of minimum pricing on a site-by-site basis. Speaking at the unveiling of Luminar's half year results – which revealed like-for-like sales were down by 1.9% – Thomas said that he had suggested the subject of minimum pricing seven or eight years ago. He said: “I mooted that to the government and trade associations and I was drummed out of town for being ridiculous – but I think it is the most sensible thing to do because then the best operators, with the best assets will survive. “We are only discounting as a reaction. We are not discounting primarily, we are discounting after others do it and we are actually going to the authorities and warning them if they don't control the level of discounting that is going on in a town then we will enter the fray.” Thomas warned: “If we enter the fray we will do it deeper and stronger.” Yesterday, Jon Collins, chairman of Noctis, said promotions such as the £5 entry and free drinks all night at clubs like Escapade in Newport, were the result of a “saturated market.” He said he supported calls for the minimum pricing of alcohol – and now he has the backing of Thomas. Thomas told M&C Report: “I just think there needs to be a floor, in other words what you can sell alcohol for, whether that is £1 or £1.50 or whatever. “And, I think that the town should debate it before it takes place – whatever happens in Warrington isn't what happens in Kingston.”