Students and young people are desperate to return to late night bars and nightclub when allowed, Brighton Pier Group CEO Anne Ackord has said.

She told MCA focus groups had shown a massive demand for its late night bars, which include Lola Lo, PoNaNa and Coalition.

Ackord said: “The feedback we’re getting is people are desperate to get out. The student focus groups that we’ve spoken to are all saying, ‘we just can’t wait’.

“I think most students will be wanting to enjoy student life and part of that is late night bars, and has been forever. It’s part of the ritual.”

The company’s bar division has a slightly older weekend market, but she sees no hesitancy about going back out.

“I get the impression that people just want to do the things that they’ve always done,” she said. “I don’t see a reluctance to go out again.”

She added: “There are people in this country out there who are 19 years old and have never been in a nightclub. I think there’s a fair bit of pent up demand there. We should be signalling that we’re ready for business again at the earliest opportunity, so people can fully enjoy the experience again.

“All the wonderful things that go on when people meet people in bars and have a great time, dancing and everything else that goes with it, it’s a wonderful celebration of life.”