Stonegate, the managed pub company chaired by Ian Payne, is to introduce a “limitless” bonus scheme for assistant managers. Assistant managers could receive more than £300 a quarter if they help deliver and exceed targets at their pub, the company said. “There is no limit on the amount of bonus an assistant manager can receive, and so if the pub’s profits keep increasing, the bonus will keep going up too,” Stonegate added in a statement. News of the scheme came after Payne told Stonegate's 180 assistant managers this week that while the trading environment remained challenging, current Stonegate figures were very encouraging. “I am delighted that you are grasping the opportunities to increase sales in your businesses with your managers,” he told them. “Our business priority will be to continue this performance and deliver profitable sales growth in the coming year.” The scheme is set to be launched in Q4 this financial year and will apply to all current assistant managers, as well as newcomers from day one. Payne said: “Since Stonegate was formed last year, I have been adamant that we will have a bonus scheme that rewards our population of assistant managers, who I believe are an essential part of the future success of the company.” Stonegate said other staff reward schemes introduced recently include the managers’ bonus scheme, kitchen managers’ scheme and a corporate bonus scheme, which rewards retail business managers, head office and support staff.