Traditional inner city pubs have reportedly suffered the most since the introduction of smoking bans in Scotland, England and Wales, writes Adam Pescod.

That’s according to a new report from the Save Our Pubs and Clubs campaign, which wants pubs to be allowed separate smoking rooms.

The research conducted by CR Consulting, using data from CGA Strategy, revealed that the greatest levels of pub closures have been in Labour-held constituencies with an average of almost eleven pubs per constituency, compared to 9.9 pubs per Liberal Democrat constituency and 7.6 pubs in Conservative-held areas.

Whilst the hardest-hit constituency (Cities of London and Westminster) was Conservative, seven of the other nine were Labour held, with two Liberal Democrat.

All bar one of these constituencies (Argyll and Bute) are in inner cities with one each in London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Leeds, Edinburgh and Nottingham.

In Wales every constituency lost at least one pub. In Scotland only one constituency escaped without a single pub closure.

Simon Clark, director of the Save Our Pubs and Clubs campaign, said: “Labour was the principal architect of the smoking ban. It is ironic therefore that pubs in Labour-held constituencies have suffered the most.

“The smoking ban is an issue that MPs must address because local communities cannot afford to go on losing pubs at the present rate.

“The Coalition Government must review the smoking ban and consider options that bring us into line with most other countries in Europe where smoking is permitted in separate smoking rooms or designated smoking bars.”

The group is holding a reception at the House of Commons to support its campaign.