Up to £331m in beer sales will be lost as a result of pub closures during the coronavirus lockdowns, the British Beer and Pub Association has said.

According to the trade body, up to 87 million pints of beer will be thrown away, with barrelled beer not sold before its best-before-date - which could be between six weeks and four months after delivery to pubs - having to be returned to breweries and disposed of.

From industry feedback, the BBPA has said that around 70 million pints were thrown away during the first lockdown, with a further seven million wasted in November and an expected ten million still to go.

Responding to the findings, BBPA chief executive Emma McClarkin has called on the Chancellor once again to extend the VAT cut and business rates holiday to support businesses as they look to reopen.

“Pubs and breweries are effectively having to pour their businesses down the drain” with “no idea or clarity from government on when we can reopen again,” she told the BBC.