Changes to planning classifications will not stop pubs and bars being able to change to cafes or restaurants, according to proposals set to become law this summer. Under the current proposals, pubs, bars and nightclubs will be put into the same classification, with restaurants and cafes under a separate classification. Previously pubs, bars and restaurants were under the same A3 category. The proposals mark the move of nightclubs away from the grouping including bingo halls, to join pubs and bars. Restaurants and cafés will not be allowed to change to pubs, bars or nightclubs without permission, but pubs, bars and nightclubs may change use to restaurants or cafes. The draft bill has not been completed as yet, but the government department in charge of the plans was confident that they would go through in the summer. Kate Nicholls, communications director of the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers, said: "We think it will have a significant impact on the licensed sector, particularly to the development of hybrid outlets. "The move to narrow the categories will inhibit commercial freedom and flexibility and will increase rental prices in places such as the West End of London, where sites with the least restrictions will become more expensive." In November Keith Hill, the planning minister, said: "The days of cinemas and bingo halls being turned into nightclubs without an application to the local council are over. "We consulted widely to see how the system could be improved and we had over 2,500 responses ranging from pub landlords to local councillors. "There was widespread concern that the inclusion of pubs and bars with other uses such as restaurants and cafes has led to some of our town and city centres becoming awash with characterless drinking dens. "The answer was that we need separate classes for different uses. So that's what we've done." Pubs, bars and nightclubs are described as venues selling drink and food for consumption on premises where the primary purpose is the sale and consumption of alcoholic drink.