Hawthorn CEO Mark Davies is the latest pubco boss to call on the Prime Minister to offer strong support for the sector in his upcoming reopening announcement.

Following similar letters from Young’s CEO Patrick Dardis and St Austell CEO Kevin Georgel, Davies has written to Johnson directly to urge him to “do the right thing” and provide the leadership and governance pubs need to survive.

With over 700 community pubs across 381 constituencies, Davies said it has become clear that a number of truths about the sector have been “consistently overlooked.”

He argued that pubs are “safer than shops and have done a better job than so many retailers at adapting to Government guidance and legislation,” pointing to the regulated environments and experienced staff that pubs boast.

He also highlighted that the sector has already invested £500m in coronavirus safety measures, as well as its has successful implementation of track and trace.

“Lockdown is having a devastating effect on so many pubs around the UK,” he said. “There are many communities in this country where the Community pub is the only Community asset that remains.

“Failure to act now will result in the loss of hundreds if not thousands of Community pubs, and would be tantamount to abandoning the communities they serve, many of which voted for the Conservative Party in the last General Election.”