Luminar, the nightclub operator, has revealed plans to halve its energy consumption by 2014 under its programme called “Turn Stuff Off”. The campaign initially saw smart metres rolled out to all 56 venues. The second phase has seen the introduction of nominated energy champions in each of Luminar’s five regions, who would highlight areas where action was needed. A second round of training is currently taking place and training is to be topped up every quarter. Head of procurement Philip Cooke said: “This is about changing habits and behaviours for the long term and we wanted to make energy efficiency a fundamental part of the way we do business. “So, to embed change and recognise great performance, we set individual venue bonuses for our energy champions, with realistic and achievable levels that pay out a proportion of savings achieved. For the three months since December last year, we have already paid out over £7,000 in bonuses to our energy champions, a really positive reward for creating sustainable habits. “The campaign is already having an immediate impact on our cost base, reducing energy usage by 26% and, more importantly, planning for the future as Luminar continues to grow.”