Lucky Voice has launched a commercial system which it claims simplifies the process of offering karaoke in a venue.

The karaoke bar group also claims operators can save on set-up costs compared to the traditional audio visual equipment needed to host events.

The Lucky Voice Singstation combines PC processing, touchscreen user interface and audio processing and syncs automatically via the cloud.

Nick Thistleton, managing director of Lucky Voice, said: ‘”Designed to simplify the process of adding karaoke to a venue and provide a cost effective installation solution, Singstation is a fantastic karaoke system that combines our in-depth industry knowledge with user-focused product design.

“With a catalogue of over 9,000 classic and current tracks our software and service is as strong as ever - but by combining this with the Singstation, an upgraded version of the hardware we currently have installed in over 40 venues around the world, we know we’ve created a product that will resonate with the trade and their customers”.

Singstation, which costs from £1,499 with a service charge of £299 per month per unit, is available to pre-order from today and launches in the UK on 1 December.