Intertain has redesigned its Walkabout menu to include lighter options.

Sweet Potato Hummus and Zucchini and Calamari Snackboards (are these the new lighter options?) will be introduced (when? At the Aussie-themed restaurant’s newest and most recently refurbished sites) alongside Chicken Parmigiano, Walkabout’s famous ‘Roo Burger’ and Surfboard Platters (are these the regular ‘heavier’ dishes, are they new,?)

“This new menu represents a fantastic opportunity for us to increase food sales and become better known as a place to dine for lunch or as part of a night out, Andrew Dean, Intertain customer experience manager said.

“We’ve always had an eye on the health of our customers, but the new ‘Lighter Options’ section of the menu offers people the chance to harness control for themselves, enabling them to keep track of exactly what they’re eating if they wish to – even when they’re dining out.”

The new menu is being launched alongside an Instagram campaign encouraging people to share pictures of their dining experience with the hash tag #walkiefoodie.