The Earl of Iveagh, head of the Guinness family, is backing a new microbrewery to be opened on his Suffolk country estate later this spring.

The brewery, to be called Elveden Ales, will be set up by Brendan Moore, founder of the eight-year-old Iceni brewery in Ickburgh as part of a series of retail and tourist attractions being developed at the 22,000-acres Elveden estate.

Moore said that as well as being the new brewery's landlord, Lord Iveagh, 33, is "very interested in what's happening - he's looking at growing barley on the estate to use in the brewery's beers."

Lord Iveagh is a seventh-generation direct descendant of the man who founded the Guinness brewery business in Dublin, but Moore said the Elveden brewery would not be using the Guinness name. He said: "People will be interested in the fact that Lord Iveagh's involved, but I don't think Guinness would be happy if we went too far." Instead the names of the beers will be related to the estate, which was bought by Edward Guinness, first Earl of Iveagh, in 1894, and the nearby Elveden Forest.

The brewery, which will be next door to the walled garden on the estate, and part of a complex that will include a glass-blowing workshop, a farm shop and other attractions, currently only has outline planning permission. However, Moore, who approached his fellow Irishman Lord Iveagh with the idea for the brewery, said he was already looking to recruit a brewer and a salesperson for the operation.