Revolution Bars co-founder Roy Ellis has said Flying Pig & Lobster concept has huge potential and could grow to the size of Brunning & Price.

Ellis and Neil Macleod, along with celebrity chef Simon Rimmer, founded the first Flying Pig & Lobster outlet at Star Pubs site the Elephant pub in Liverpool last year. The pub was partnered with American dining concept Liberty Tavern.

Ellis told M&C that he is close to securing a free-of-tie lease with Enterprise on another site in Liverpool, which will operate as a standalone pub. He said the site is in a Viking settlement and so will have “a Scandinavian feel running through the design, food and drink” but stressed “it won’t be a theme pub”.

He said like-for-like sales had grown 40% since the original venue launched and that the wet/dry split was 50/50.

He said: “That’s about where we want it to be. We wanted to have a reputation for our food but we never wanted to let anyone forget that we are a pub.”

On future growth for the concept, Ellis said: “Flying Pig & Lobster is in the mould of Brunning & Price and I would say we easily have the same growth potential as them.

“Could you have a few hundred of these? Of course you could. The opportunity is massive, but for now our idea is to add two or three a year and enjoy it and build fantastic pubs that we love.”

He said it was important that each site reflected its surroundings.

He said: “The ethos is to have pubs with a point of difference but that difference has to be relevant.

“With the Elephant we took a pub that had hit hard times but had been a fantastic success in its day and customers tell us we managed to capture what was special about that original venue and add to it. That’s the aim going forward.

“With the new one, the location is in a Viking settlement so we are doing our research in Scandinavia to get our point of reference. That will run through design, food and drink. It won’t be a theme pub but it will reflect something about the locality.”