Spirit Pub Company has introduced an app that lets customers share pictures of them completing an eating challenge in its Flaming Grill sites.

The app allows them to share pictures of them taking part in the Flaming Grill Challenge on Facebook

It digitally recreates the 90 pubs’ Hall of Flame noticeboards online, allowing people to post their picture with the dish, update on their efforts and view comments left by friends. Their pictures will also be shared on a Flaming Challenge Facebook page which promises “more bold and daring content than the main Flaming Grill page”.

“Our Challenge dishes are fast becoming a staple of Flaming Grill and guests who complete the Challenges really want to show off their efforts,” said brand manager Rachel Bailey, for Flaming Grill.

The Flaming Challenge burger consists of two 12oz beef burgers, two breaded chicken breast fillets, spicy chilli beef, cheddar cheese slices, onions, crispy bacon and onion rings and served with a double portion of chips. The Steak Challenge is a 24oz rump steak served on sizzling onions with mushrooms, half a grilled tomato, peas, onion rings and double chips.

“They’re designed to really bring to life the social experience of visiting a proper pub for anyone brave enough to take them on,” added Bailey.