Charles Wells has launched a new networking event for licensees – aimed at providing insight and sharing best practice.

The Summer Business Building Trade Show gave licensees a chance to meet a range of food, drink, coffee, music, sports, gaming and training suppliers.

The day also acted as a forum for discussion between licensees, allowing them to share experiences, ideas and best practice with one another.

Representatives of 60 Charles Wells pubs attended the event held at the Bedford Blues Rugby Ground.

Tom Foddy, Senior Retails Sales and Marketing Manager for Charles Wells UK Pubs, who organised the event, said: “Charles Wells UK Pubs is here to offer support and advice to the pubs we work with, and what better way to achieve this than a fun event that brings customers and suppliers together for the benefit of all? The pub industry is constantly evolving, so it was great to see so many of our licensees taking full advantage of the opportunity to bring themselves up to speed on marketplace trends.”

The group said the event would return “bigger and better” in 2018.