Brewdog’s LoneWolf spirits business is currently looking for a suitable site in central London to open its first Spirit Bar, MCA can reveal.

The company is understood to be considering 1,500-2000 sq ft sites in areas including: Soho, Shoreditch, the City of London, Fitzrovia and Covent Garden, but Doug Bairner, managing director, LoneWolf Spirits, told MCA: “We’re interested in any site in London that has similarly minded neighbours and a late night but laid back mentality.”

He said there was “no specific date in mind” to open the first site, but added that “as soon as we find the right location we’ll get cracking on bringing it to life”.

The bar will be focused on “amazing cocktails first and foremost” and there will no food offering. “It’s all about creating a good old fashioned cocktail and spirits drinking den,” he said.

Last year BrewDog launched its LoneWolf distillery at its headquarters in Ellon in Aberdeenshire, which produces a range of vodka and gin products, alongside mixers which have been specifically formulated to be paired with its drinks.

On how the Spirit Bar concept will manifest itself, Bairner told MCA it would be about “discovering spirits you’ve never heard of but will definitely go and hunt down afterwards”. “Somewhere you could sit back with your friends and lose three hours to the gods of mixed drinks. Where the bartenders take their drinks seriously, not themselves,” he added.

“It took 192 distillations before we settled on the recipe for LoneWolf Gin, so we sure as hell won’t stop there,” explained Bairner. “We want to bring that same level of obsession to cocktail making. Bringing a selection of spirits to people that are there on merit, not because they’ve paid through the nose to be on the backbar.”

On the potential for a roll-out of the concept, Bairner said the business would just focus on doing everything it could to get an amazing flagship LoneWolf bar off the ground for now. “Whatever happens beyond there will look after itself.”

MCA reported in March that it understood the group was eyeing a bar concept under the LoneWolf banner, after a legal letter was sent, on behalf of Brewdog, to Lone Wolf Bar in Birmingham, requesting a change of name due to a conflict with the group’s new spirit division, under the same name.

Meanwhile, the Scottish brewer yesterday confirmed plans to open a craft beer hotel next to its brewery in Ellon, Scotland, in the first half of next year.

The 22-room DogHouse will feature beer taps in the rooms, a built-in shower beer fridge, and rooms overlooking the brewery. It coincides with brewery to include a 300 hl brewhouse and a canning & packaging hall