Boxpark has said it will waive all rent and service fees for its tenants through the second lockdown as it prepares to cease all operations once again.

The business will close its three venues in Shoreditch, Wembley and Crawley from 10pm on Wednesday, and has said it will not be operating delivery from the sites as it would be economically unviable to do so.

For as long as support is available, the group has committed to retaining all its staff, and putting the majority on the reignited 80% furlough scheme through closure.

“Throughout this time we have remained optimistic about our current situation and what the future holds,” said CEO Roger Wade. “Our teams have been working hard to give all customers a memorable experience and deliver operational excellence with a safety-first approach.

“The past few months have been one of the most difficult times for the hospitality and retail industries, and just as we have started to get back on our feet, we are hit by new stumbling blocks.

“The Government has announced a four-week lockdown but we know things can move around quickly so rest assured, we will stay flexible and agile, ready to adapt to any new changes that come our way.”