Rooney Anand has joined the board at Chiktopia as a non-executive director.

His appointment follows a personal investment made in Chiktopia by Anand, alongside investments by several other senior industry figures.

The industry-backed chicken concept, led by Alastair Gordon, recently opened its first site at intu Lakeside, within its new development. The menu includes fried and grilled chicken burgers and tenders, salads, wraps, shakes and Louisiana biscuits.

Advisors to the concept include Dan Einzig, founder of Mystery Design, Mark Lilley, CEO of Abokado and Richard Morris MD of Tortilla.

Speaking to MCA earlier this year, Gordon said the tech-led concept, which focuses on kiosk ordering, would spend the rest of 2019 understanding what does and doesn’t work at the intu site before contemplating expansion.

He said that shopping centres and strong high street locations would be target areas for them in the future. “I think there is a bit of an opportunity for us to build a base around the Lakeside area,” he added.

He said that competitor-wise, he saw Chiktopia as a mainstream “unashamedly fast-food” brand that would go up alongside the likes of KFC, McDonald’s and Nando’s.

“We think there is a fantastic growth opportunity with this concept,” said Gordon. “You can see what Nando’s, KFC have managed to do over the years and we see that there is a real opportunity for us as well, as long as we can get the concept spot on.”