This week MCA takes five minutes with Le Bistrot Pierre co-founder Rob Beacham. He talks about being a fan of Aldi’s marketing, increasing competition and his admiration for Mr & Mr Manchester.

What’s your main business priority for the coming year?

With our new investment partners on board to populate an opening pipeline with some fabulous sites. I need five a year at least which is a good hike to our pedestrian growth of the last decade.

What is the best marketing campaign you have seen in the past 12 months?

I’ve been a fan of Aldi’s campaign for quite a while. Fantastically simple and fun. Our old marketing manager leads this campaign at McCann’s.

Where did you have your best meal over the past year?

Le Bistrot Pierre Torquay. I’m so proud of our food at the moment and add that into the vista and setting of our site in Torquay makes for a fantastic meal. Add a glass of our Château des Gravières with your steak and things can’t get much better.

Which business in the sector provides the best experience?

I am a big fan of Turtle Bay. When I’m away I’ll eat with founder Ajith whenever I can and am never disappointed. There’s a reason why all of his sites are a huge success.

What is your main concern for the sector?

Competition. It’s the same for us all and with us a relatively new kid on the block, in expansion terms, I have strong views on site location. It’s a very professional industry now with some very shrewd and exciting operators. We know we have to be on our game (and some) to give our new investors the returns they are looking for.

Which other business (any sector) would you most like to run and why?

I think sticking to what you know would be wise and therefore it would have to be Living Ventures. What Tim Bacon and Jeremy Roberts have done takes some beating. Mr and Mr Manchester; all ostensibly in a tight geographical area (NW) initially before they set there sites on London and big conurbations. Revolution are not far behind. They really have evolved with the times in the past 20 years and still have that independent feel that we cherish for Bistrot Pierre.