Westminster City Council has succeeded in its attempts to place severe restrictions on a London pub's licence, with experts claiming it wants to ban outside drinking. The Endurance pub in Berwick Street in Soho must not let customers drink, smoke or make phone calls outside in the street after 6pm. These restrictions were put in place despite the fact that around 30 residents and a number of local businesses opposed the onerous measures. The conditions came after an environmental health officer called for a review, at which Westminster tried to impose 12 conditions to the licence - including the 6pm curfew. Drinking outside the front of the pub was previously allowed until 11pm. In the past six months there was just one complaint from a resident about the Endurance and one incident of a crime outside the pub - the theft of a laptop computer. Leading licensing lawyer Julian Skeens, of Jeffrey Green Russell, who represented the pub, said an appeal would be lodged. He said: "Westminster wants to ban drinking outdoors and it's the thin end of the wedge. "There's been one complaint about the Endurance. On the other pubs they can't find a complaint so they haven't acted against them, but they will do." Skeens said that all but two complaints over the past few years had been from one resident - who supported the pub in the review hearing. Westminister councillor Daniel Astaire said: "Unfortunately we have had continued problems with this particular pub and our environmental health officers found that complaints of noise were entirely justified. "We have tried to work with the pub to resolve this problem on several occasions and we regret this review was necessary." He added: "Westminster has no plans to ban outside drinking in Soho or in the city as a whole. These are ridiculous rumours that are totally inaccurate and wholly misleading. "The council is actively trying to promote responsible alfresco-style dining and drinking in certain parts of the city." The licensee of the Endurance lodged a petition against the ban on outside drinking on the Prime Minister's website, signed by 7,400 people.