Restauranteurs and publicans risk losing their reputations and even their businesses if they ignore food safety and hygiene issues. That is the damning assessment of Venners – the independent stock audit company – which was formed in 1896. The company believes the introduction of the controversial "scores on the doors" scheme and television shows like "Rogue Restaurant even more foodservice operators will find themselves under the inspection microscope. Stuart Knill, Health & Safety General Manager at Venners, said: “In these difficult trading times you can’t afford to give customers any reason not to visit your establishment. In fact you need to give them every reason to visit. "In the hospitality industry food safety is paramount as is customers’ confidence in your establishment’s ability to serve food safely. If you are unaware of industry standards and/or whether you business is achieving them, you put at risk your hard earned reputation, your custom and at worst your business. “Ask yourself, would your business survive close scrutiny by an Environmental Health Officer?"