Tim Hortons has announced plans for three more drive thru locations in retail and leisure parks as it continues to build its pipeline of new sites. MCA recently spoke with Kevin Hydes, chief commercial officer, who stated that the drive thru trading model is “really, really important to us.” Currently half of Tim Hortons’ UK sites have a drive thru facility, with all announced pipeline sites also including a drive thru.

Tim Hortons 1

The new outlets are located in Boldon, Wolverhampton and Lakeside, West Thurrock. The Boldon location is the first Tim Hortons site in the North East of England.

Hydes told MCA that Tim Hortons favoured locations for new sites are close to arterial roads, but not necessarily in standalone locations. “We prefer to have other retail adjacencies because we find that that drives additional footfall into the restaurants.” Hydes also told MCA that demand for such sites is currently “highly competitive. We are not the only people looking to build out a drive thru business across the UK right now.”

In a statement Hydes added: ”We are looking throughout the UK for new spaces to expand the Tim Hortons brand, and extend our community guest base in the country. These three deals allow us to roll-out our globally recognised brand in places that haven’t experienced it yet, and we look forward to welcoming people both in-store and through our drive-thrus in due course.”

All three sites are owned by LandSec.

Commenting on the lettings Daniel Rabin, portfolio director at Landsec, said: “While there was a lot of interest in these three spaces, the Tim Hortons offer really stood out. They give us a point of difference – these three being either the first or second within their region – and their plans to incorporate drive-thrus is a clear statement of their commitment to all three places. We are working to bring exciting brands to our retail and leisure parks, to provide something new for our existing visitors, and draw more people in from within the catchment and further afield.”