Cardlytics, a card-linked marketing platform has signed up more than 100 UK retailers including Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Patisserie Valerie that allows retailers access to customers spending behaviour via the customers’ banks.

Santander has partnered with Cardlytics to offer its customers cashback and rewards based on their personal spending habits across their sector - not just an individual store - via on-line banking services.

Katie McDermott, marketing director at Gourmet Burger Kitchen said: “As a restaurant group using the scheme, we’re delighted we will be able to offer our Santander customers some great cashback rewards when they dine at GBK. This new Cardlytics partner will allow us to target specific promotions to more consumers, based on their spending not only with us, but also other casual dining restaurants.”

Research group Aimia has released research in banking marketing that suggests customers are open to being targeted with retail offers from their bank: 64% of UK consumers would be interested in opting-in to a service that would give them relevant offers and discounts directly on their bank card, based on where they shop.

Cash back is the most popular form of reward for UK banking customers: 56% of consumers prefer cash back, compared with 21% for loyalty currency, 13% for exclusive discounts and 6% for access to VIP events.

Card-linked marketing builds up a profile of customers’ shopping habits to show where, when and what people spend their money on.

Jill Dougan, managing director of Cardlytics, said: “It provides banks with a new route to engage and reward loyal customers and enables consumers to get money off the brands they love with a single click.”