Scottish & Newcastle Pub Enterprises (S&NPE) licensees have been issued with a guide to help them save money by going green, writes John Harrington. The Think Act Save guide, compiled with the Carbon Trust, covers four main areas: energy, construction, waste and the supply chain. Advice includes using new technology and energy-saving schemes and providing space for recycling on-site. The guide includes facts on energy consumption at leased pubs. For example, heating and lighting smoking shelters can cost up to £30 per week but can be cut by 60% by installing controls to limit use. A design guide has also been produced for project managers and consultants involved in designing and refurbishing S&NPE pubs. It covers how to save energy and be more sustainable. S&NPE property director John Draper said: “Ensuring all those at the sharp end are armed with the facts and guidance on how to ensure the efficient and effective use of resources is a key element of our strategy.”