The pub industry is lagging behind its customers when it comes to the adoption of technology, according to new research.

The Future of Pubs 2014 survey from him! revealed that while 30% of pub customers would like to be able to order food and drinks via a self-service terminal, and 20% would be keen to do so via their own smartphone or tablet, only 3% of publicans would currently consider offering those service options.

However, respondents to the survey of 500 pub customers and 300 publicans showed that adoption of digital technology by pubs is increasing fast – 69% of pubs now have a website (compared to 54% in 2012), 65% have a Facebook account (up from 57%) and 37% have a Twitter profile (up from 20%). And a net increase of 34% of publicans said they would be using social media more in 2014 than in 2013.

The research found that 59% of a pub’s customers will have visited its website; and 24% of customers will have viewed its Facebook or Twitter pages.

Common reasons customers gave for visiting a pub’s website was: to view its food menu (78%); find its opening times (50%) or location (50%); to read its reviews (32%); or to make a booking online (22%).

A spokesperson for him! said: “Technology continues to be crucial for pubs. The pub of the future will not only use technology to enable better customer service but also to drive customers to its doors.

“A web and social media presence is now becoming a necessity – particularly to communicate with the burgeoning 18-24 year old demographic, who represent the largest group of pub goers and whose pub usage looks set to grow.”

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