The London Olympics are expected to provide a £750m increase in consumer spending and deliver a sustained £5.1bn boost to the UK economy over the next four years, according to a new report. A study by Visa Expenditure said that consumer spending across the seven weeks of next year’s Olympics and Paralympics will increase by 18.5%, the highest than any previous Games, with the food and drink industry set to benefit from an expected £81.5m spending rise. The report suggests that £621m will be spent by visitors over the three-week period of the main Games, with a further £129m spent during the following Paralympics. The study, which is founded on international visitor spending at previous Olympic Games and major sporting tournaments, said that by contract spending at the Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 Olympics was around half the forecasted level for London 2012. While £81.5m will be spent on food and drink, the study said that £185m will be spent on the high street, £123m on hotels, £80m in supermarkets and £40m on airlines, car hire and other travel sectors. The report also said as a legacy of the Games spending is set to continue after they have eneded, with economic output set to increase by £1.37bn per year to 2015. Marc O'Brien, managing director of Visa UK, said: "As the report shows, the UK will benefit from an immediate positive economic impact as a result of a large increase in consumer spending during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Much like the World Cup, British consumers are expected to boost supermarket sales by £80m as Britain lives up to its reputation as a nation of sport lovers, meaning that for the first time domestic spend is forecast to grow during a Games, previously unheard of for a host market. "Economic output will increase and the benefits will be felt in people's pockets as incomes increase. This immediate positive economic boost will translate into sustained economic stimulus and job creation, impacts which will be felt long after the Games have finished."