McDonald’s in the US is to fast-track trials of mobile payments and ordering, as it looks to focus on core items for menu innovation and improve its marketing.

McDonald’s chief financial officer Peter Bensen outlined the group’s priorities for 2014 at the RBC Capital Markets’ Consumer and Retail Conference, reported in US publication Advertising Age.

On the issue of mobile ordering, he said: “By later this year… [there will be] multiple tests around the digital payment and digital ordering in various markets around the world, and a lot of work on how do we come up with a loyalty program or this customer relationship aspect that can be uniquely McDonald’s.”

According to the report, McDonald’s introduced four new products into the US in 2013 (McWraps, blueberry-pomegranate smoothies, Egg White Delight McMuffins and its new line of Quarter Pounders) in too quick succession. Therefore this year it will focus more on core products like burgers and breakfasts.

On the marketing front, Bensen said there would be a marketing lead for beef or chicken but it is now organised by consumer group such as millennials, families and adults.