Red Engine, the group behind Flight Club Darts and Electric Shuffle, has partnered with Loyola Group to bring Flight Club to Ireland, with the first venue planned to launch in Dublin in 2022.

The Dublin site will follow Flight Club Leeds in June, Flight Club Bristol in July and Electric Shuffle London Bridge in August.

Loyola Group operates six hospitality venues in Dublin including Base Pizza, The Lep Inn and Baker’s Corner, as well as The Cheeky Pup in Portugal.

The franchise agreement follows an agreement with Social Entertainment Ventures, now known as State of Play, to operate Flight Club in the US, where there are two venues.

Flight Club Shoreditch, Islington and Victoria as well as Electric Shuffle in Canary Wharf will be open their outside terraces for food and drink from next week.

Paul Barham and Steve Moore, who co-founded the currently six-strong Flight Club, said: “When we look at potential partnerships for bringing social darts to new audiences, we’re committed to ensuring that we have the right fit with a team. We love creating incredible social experiences and redefining moments with friends, so this relationship is key to ensure that no element is missed. We can’t wait to share more about what we’ve been working on together with Loyola Group and are so excited for to see that dartometer ticking in even more venues!”

Stephen Cooney, director and co-owner of Loyola, said: “We are incredibly proud to be bringing this brand to life in Ireland. We have seen the huge success of the concept in England and USA and are so excited to launch a truly unique social experience in early 2022.”