Digital advertising needs to be “much more targeted” at individual pub customers, a leading marketing expert told the Future Pub Conference.

Paul Filler of Magnify Marketing, who works with Intertain on its marketing and promotions, said the Walkabout operator has sufficient data on some customers to know which sports team they support, which drinks they like, and which tables they have pre-booked in the past.

He said this information is “incredibly powerful” when used for tailored marketing alerts.

“Our view is that customers now want and expect much, much more targeted advertising. They don’t just want a generic blur of, ‘you might like sport so come on down’.

“The real winners for us in the future, we believe, will be the ones who are as targeted as they can be, and not wasting people’s time.”

Filler also told the conference in London that mobile ordering will become “a core part” of how people order their drinks.

“It will never replace the barman; people will want to interact with the barman. But in terms of sporting events and getting the drinks on the table, it’s an absolute key to us and will be going forward.”