The BII (British Insitute of Innkeeping) has told the committee of MPs monitoring the pub industry that the sector is “on track” to meet its commitments to reform, writes John Harrington. In an open letter to the Business, Innovation & Skills Committee (BISC), BII chief Neil Robertson said he expected the timetable for change to be met. In its report from February, BISC said any delay in implementing the new pub company codes, featuring the BII Benchmark and Accreditation Services (BIIBAS) stamp for clarity, beyond June 2010 would “not be acceptable” unless “accompanied with a justifiable reason”. Robertson’s letter said that by 30 June, codes from three of the 18 British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) companies — Punch, Fuller’s and Batemans — would be accredited. The other 15 have “minor amendments” to make and are expected to be accredited by the end of July. Robertson said: “Codes from a further six large companies have been received. “Monitoring against the old codes continues and there have been no major unresolved breaches so far this year. We have had no reports of excessive compliance costs. The content and degree of ambition in the codes is ultimately for the market to decide upon.” Robertson said there had been a “good step forward in the variety and styles of agreement available” which was “likely to improve competition for tenants/lessees”. Robertson said in the six months since the Pubs Independent Rent Review Scheme (PIRRS) was launched, 40 “serious enquiries” had been received. “Of these, two are now fully complete, three are in the final stages, and five are open.” Feedback had been “extremely positive” and it “seems to facilitate agreement in otherwise tricky disputes”. Robertson also flagged up the new Pre-Entry Awareness Training (PEAT) for new tenants and said a business development manager qualification would be piloted in the autumn. He promised the BII would “draw on the goodwill for change in the coming months” and vowed to “pursue all complaints vigorously and impartially” and “highlight good practice”. Robertson said he would update BISC in November.