Overview: Pubs reinventing their mojo to achieve future success 

The 2015 Managed Pub Summit, the conference for the managed pub sector, will take place on Tuesday 23rd June at The May Fair Hotel, London.

Organised by M&C Allegra Foodservice and The Publican’s Morning Advertiser, this annual conference has become a must-attend event for leaders and decision makers in the UK’s managed pub and bar sector. It brings together senior experts and award-winning retailers in the industry who will discuss a range of issues and offer insights into reclaiming ‘the third space’, how to achieve growth through unconventional thinking and the key trends impacting the sector.

Keynote speakers include: 

  • Jonathon Swaine, managing director of Fuller’s Inns, Publican Awards 2015 winner, discusses 3 years of development from soul-searching to award-winning
  • Rupert Clevely, industry veteran, will be talking about his inspiration, 20 years after founding Geronimo Inns, for launching a new managed pub estate with Enterprise Inns. He will share his insights into building a successful managed model and the challenges of recruitment in an increasingly crowded market
  • Mark Palmer, marketing director at Pret A Manger, talks about succeeding without advertising and the group’s ‘Evenings’ trial.
  • Scott McDonald, joint managing director of Bill’s, looks at the challenges and opportunities provided by being an all-day operator

Limited places available. For the full speaker programme click here

To book your place please call 02076 110404.