Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has called for a rethink of the 10pm hospitality curfew when lockdown ends in England.

Calling for a more staggered approach, Sir Keir said his party could withdraw support for the policy, which could leave Boris Johnson without the sufficient support in parliament, amid a Tory backbench rebellion.

With the national lockdown due to end on 2 December, England is set to revert back to the three-tier system, with the default medium risk level including a blanket 10pm curfew across pubs, bars and restaurants.

In an LBC phone-in, Starmer said he supported what the government had been trying to achieve with the curfew, but it said it “didn’t work”.

He suggested closing times should be spread out so people did not pour out on to the streets all at once, and indicated that off-licences should be shut at the same time to discourage after-hours partying.

He said: “We saw people crowding out at 10pm. There is a smarter way of doing this. I think that if you were to stagger that differently so people left at different times it would be far better.”

He continued: “Lots of people… think this needs to be reviewed. There’s a lot of work for the government to do over this four week period.”

He said the curfew in Wales had been “smarter” than in England, with closing times staggered.

“They also smartly closed the off licences at 10 o’clock, the same time,” he said.

“What was happening at various parts across England was people coming out of the pubs and going straight to the off licence.

“That was making people stay around in the city squares for longer.”