The UK hospitality sector created 153,000 jobs between 2010 and 2012, according to a new Europe-wide report that shows the importance of the sector in employment and growth.

The study from EY shows that hospitality related output in the UK amounts to €146bn and supports 2.7m UK jobs, with a tax contribution of €22bn.

The EY study, backed by the Brewers of Europe, found that Europe’s hospitality sector in 2010 directly or indirectly created €1trillion in output, equal to 8.1% of the EU’s total economic output, and that the multiplier effect of €1 spent in the hospitality sector means another €1.16 invested in the wider economy.

The sector in 2010 contributed €126bn in excise duties, VAT and employment and social security taxes, and supported approximately c16.6m EU jobs - one in every 13 jobs.

UK MEP Emma McClarkin (East Midlands) said: “Beer is more than just a refreshing drink. The brewing sector is a key part of the hospitality sector. At a time of stagnating economic growth and spiralling youth unemployment, and given the importance of the hospitality sector as a driver of growth and jobs, we need to be sure that policies are helping hospitality and closely linked sectors such as beer, not hindering them.”

Brigid Simmonds, British Beer & Pub Association chief executive, said: “The report shows the importance of the hospitality sector, for both jobs and the economy, throughout Europe and in Britain. Policy makers need to focus on how they can allow the beer and pub sector to create jobs and provide new opportunities for business - not least through taxation, such as more action on business rates and beer duty.”