Gaucho and M Restaurants are now accepting business lunches, dinners, private dining and breakfast, CEO Martin Williams has confirmed.

Williams said: “To support business and to protect jobs - we hope you come and join us!”

The announcement comes amid increasing speculation over a potential loophole that business meetings can go ahead, despite tier 2 restrictions in the capital prohibiting households mixing indoors.

Jeremy King announced on Monday that Corbin & King would press ahead and accept business lunch bookings, describing the exception as a “glimmer of hope”.

It comes after a government spokesperson said business meetings at restaurants were permitted as long as they are for “work purposes”.

Government guidance stipulates that up to 30 people from different households may meet indoors for work purposes, as long as the place they are meeting is set up to follow coronavirus guidelines.

Speaking on MCA’s The Conversation earlier this week, UK Hospitality’s Kate Nicholls said the issue was still a “grey area”.

She said: “It’s quite clear that if you’re having a business meeting as it’s constructed in the regulations, a business is allowed for up to 30 people. And you’re also allowed meetings for reasonable work purposes within the office or in an event space or meeting space.

“What’s not really clear is how that fits within a restaurant setting, and having lots of people having different meetings over lunch.

“If you take a really strict reading of the tier two guidance, you wouldn’t be able to have a business lunch, and you wouldn’t be at a meeting for work in a pub or restaurant.”