Pubs, bars and restaurants will be allowed to remain open in the North East of England, Yorkshire and Manchester under the new restrictions announced by Boris Johnson yesterday.

Council leaders and MPs were told they would be in the tier 2 restrictions ahead of the PM’s announcement in the Commons. 

Tier 2 mean it will be unlawful for two households to meet in any indoor setting, including pubs and restaurants, and people will be advised to use public transport in only exceptional cases.

The prime minister is expected to announce significant new powers for local authorities to take enforcement action against businesses that are not covid compliant.

Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester, said: “This is the right decision and we’re glad the Government has listened.

“But any restrictions will lead to loss of trade for businesses & challenges for councils.

“The PM must give all areas under restrictions full financial support.

“Anything less will see them levelled down.”

Dan Jarvis, MP and mayor of the Sheffield city region, said: “We cannot afford this without additional support - otherwise we will languish in local restrictions with no clear way out. We’ve put a plan to Government and are awaiting more details.”

Nick Forbes, the Labour leader of Newcastle City Council, said: “I’m pleased that, for now, it’s unlikely any further restrictions will apply in the North East. We need a period of stability and consistent rules, so everyone is clear what we all need to do.

“However, we can’t be complacent - Covid numbers are still on the rise.

“Mass closures of hospitality venues would be counter productive at this stage, as the vast majority of operators are running safe venues with appropriate precautions in place.

“But the threat of further closures can’t be ruled out if Covid numbers don’t start to come down.

“This isn’t a political row. Government and local government are united in our determination to drive down Covid numbers. That’s why, over the next few weeks, we will be working on a new approach to Test, Trace and Isolate.

“We do, however, urgently need clarification on an economic support package for businesses that are affected by the current restrictions, and a local government settlement that avoids job losses or reductions to services in the care sector.

“The next week will be a crucial time - to prove that the current restrictions work, to develop a new approach on Test and Trace with government and to get financial support for businesses and councils agreed.”