Plymouth is the latest council to reject plans for a late-night levy, although the authority stressed it’s a “postponement and not a cancellation”.

Members of Plymouth City Council’s cabinet agreed by a majority decision to reject the plan.

Andy Grimsey of Poppleston Allen said:Following the late-night levy consultation, which ended in October last year, the Council’s cabinet stated that a careful balance must be maintained between the imposition of further financial and regulatory burdens upon the licensed trade and any potential benefit realised by the local community following introduction of a late night levy. 

“Recent growth in Best Bar None participation and the expansion of local pubwatch schemes were praised, although cabinet members stated that a delayed implementation of the levy would provide an opportunity for the trade to ‘step up’ and make a marked impact on the problems associated with Plymouth’s night time economy. 

“The cabinet agreed that a pragmatic approach was to be taken and that the impact of the Home Office’s consultation on locally set fees under the Licensing Act 2003 should be considered before a levy was introduced. 

“The cabinet’s chiefeExecutive confirmed that yesterday’s decision was only a ‘postponement and not a cancellation’ and that the licensed trade’s progress would be monitored.”

Leeds and Milton Keynes are among the authorities to examine and then reject plans for a late-night levy, which sees extra charges forced on licensed venues in a designated area that trade after a set time. Newcastle, Cheltenham, and Islington in London have agreed to implement the measure.