Up to 40 stations on the London Underground network are to be shut as the Prime Minister prepares new restrictions in the capital to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Transport for London (TfL) said there would be a partial shutdown of the network from this morning.

There will be no night Tube and bus services will also be reduced, TfL said.

It comes as Boris Johnson asks government departments to draw up new restrictions to help stop the spread of coronavirus, which is spreading faster in London than other parts of the UK.

The measures, which are being described as a “shielding plan for London”, could be introduced as soon as next week and see businesses closed and restrictions placed on travel.

Under new emergency powers the government will be able to close premises and restrict or prohibit events and gatherings, including halting cars, buses, trains and planes.

A government source told The Times the restrictions would not be introduced in the next 48 hours.