Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has warned the capital is at a “very serious tipping point” in the fight against coronavirus, as he pushed for a review of the 10pm curfew.

The Mayor expressed concerns that current restrictions are insufficient and urged those in positions of power to have the “humility” to revisit the measures.

His comments came as residents in one east London borough were advised to avoid visiting other households by the local council.

Khan tweeted: “London is at a very serious tipping point in the fight against covid-19, and we need effective measures to stop the spread.

“This includes a rapid review of the 10pm curfew, given what we’ve seen in the streets outside pubs and bars across the UK.”

Speaking on BBC London he added: “I’m concerned though, when I see what’s happening at 10pm and thereafter in pubs, bars and restaurants across London but also across the country.

“What I’m saying to the government is they should undertake a rapid review on the effectiveness of the 10pm curfew, because I worry inadvertently the virus could be spreading rather than it being reduced by this 10pm curfew.

“That’s why I think that when you’re in a position of power and influence whether you’re the mayor or the government, you should have the humility to say listen, you know what this may not be working, let’s have a look at this again because it could be counterproductive.”

The mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs, has asked those who live in the area to avoid visiting other households “unless absolutely necessary” due to a rise in coronavirus cases.