A parliamentary vote on the 10pm curfew was postponed last night amid a growing Tory rebellion over the measure. 

The government was forced to delay the vote amid a backlash in its own backbenches, with up to 45 Conservative MPs expected to vote against the PM.

The rebels have reportedly been emboldened by comments from the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, questioning the curfew policy. 

The government is allowing votes for recent coronavirus restrictions that have been applied England-wide.

A vote on the rule of six vote was won comfortably by the government last night, though 14 Tories voted against it, and 12 more joined Labour in abstaining.

The vote on the curfew is now expected to happen next week, with government whips hoping to bring the rebels into line.

The England restrictions will only be voted on by English MPs, giving the government a 156-majority.

This means that 79 Conservative MPs – and all opposition MPs – would need to vote against the curfew for it to be overturned.

It is currently unclear how Labour will vote, though speculation has been growing that the opposition could vote against the curfew.