Compass Group has pledged to remove 50 million calories from meals by 2020 in a new strategy it said would help “feed change and fight obesity”.

The pledges have been divided into three key areas - Healthier Food, Healthier Lives and Healthier Futures - and will see Compass further reduce calories, fat and salt from its food and drive increased consumption of fruit and vegetables.

The strategy will also see Compass provide multi-channel access to health and wellbeing information and expand on the education it provides to both adults and children through health MOTs and children’s education programmes.

The business will also look to establish its own foundation to help fund research in this area.

As part of the initiative Compass has teamed up with MyFitnessPal, the health and fitness app, to allow consumers to search through thousands of recipes from across the contract caterer’s sector.

Dennis Hogan, managing director of Compass Group UK & Ireland, said: “Health and wellbeing is now a prime consideration for our customers. The foodservice industry has a key role to play in providing access to more healthy options and helping educate people about the importance of maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. I believe our 2020 strategy outlines some bold pledges that put innovation at the heart of our health and wellbeing vision and will ensure we continue to lead and champion health and wellbeing in the foodservice sector for many years to come.”