Paris Baguette is focused on building its presence around London, with the aim of opening five to six sites per year, chief operating officer Nico Gaillot tells MCA.

The Seoul-headquartered patisserie and bakery concept, which has more than 4,000 stores worldwide, launched in the UK in 2022 with a store in London’s Battersea Power Station. It has since opened on High Street Kensington, with four franchise partners signed for further expansion in the capital and surrounding areas such as Essex and Richmond.

“We have 4,000 stores worldwide, but nobody knew us here so Battersea Power Station was a good test for us,” Gaillot says. “We were full nonstop for three days after opening.

“We sell 200-300 sponge cakes per week per store in the US, but about 50 in the UK – so we haven’t scratched the surface here yet.”

Paris Baguette specialises in three-layer cakes, baguettes, pastries, and coffee, and is present in markets including South Korea, France, the US, Singapore, and Canada.

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Out of 4,000+ global stores, c.3,800 are franchised, with the business seeing franchising as its route to growth in the UK.

“It’s down to the right partner as quality is always a long-term priority,” Gaillot adds. “London will come first, but if someone wants to open 20 stores in Birmingham, we’re open to that.

“The concept works in airports, shopping centres, and high streets. It’s flexible and proven to adapt to different markets.”

The offer includes Paris Baguette’s signature favourites from around the world but has been localised to the UK, with items such as sausage rolls on the menu along with French and Korean products.

The brand will launch on delivery platform Fantuan in the coming weeks, which specialises in Asian food, due to strong brand awareness among the demographic. Based on delivery performance, it will look into launching on other aggregators in the future.

It is also developing its B2B offer, which will launch by September.

Paris Baguette

“Kensington is now outperforming Battersea Power Station,” Gaillot says. “We are doing 3,200 transactions per week per store and we’re pleased with our strong cake sales as well.

“High Street Kensington is a good indication – we have Pret, Gail’s, Costa, and Oree near us, but there’s still a constant queue throughout the day.

“Patisserie Valerie used to have about 200 sites. That’s the way we look at the UK market.”

Paris Baguette is looking into launching in other international markets, such as Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, and Poland.