Pret A Manger will open concessions within Tesco supermarkets as it continues to broaden its offer beyond its core office worker demographic.

The trial partnership, which follows the launch of Pret products on Tesco shelves, is a part of a move by the chain to widen its appeal and show it is not “just for white-collar office workers”.

The Times reports its first “shop-in-shop” with Tesco will open in June at the Tesco Superstore in Kensington, west London, with another four to follow this summer, “some in London, some outside”.

Serving food freshly prepared in an on-site kitchen with coffee and teas, the shops will be operated as concessions run by Pret rather than by Tesco.

Pano Christou, chief executive, said the Tesco partnership was part of the company’s response to the sharp fall-off in commuters into London in particular, due to lockdowns and the trend towards working from home.

“Instead of Pret following the skyscrapers, for us it’s about bringing Pret to the people,” he said. “This could be an opportunity for us to do that, dependent on how the test goes.”

He said that while “Tesco is a bit more value and Pret is a bit more premium”, the sandwich chain was successfully attracting “all sorts of different customers” with its £20-a-month coffee subscription.

He said that Pret would test different formats for different types of Tesco store, “from one that looks like a Pret store with a seating area to one that’s takeaway only to one that’s more like a kiosk”.

Christou said that, despite a tough year, he felt positive about the changes the company had made.

“I said to the team, plant all those seeds now, see which ones come to fruition and which ones don’t, so when we finally come through this, we will be much stronger as a brand and a business, and ready to grow the Pret brand,” he said.