Pret A Manger’s coffee subscription has surpassed expectations four-fold so far, and allowed the brand to tap into a new younger consumer base.

Pret UK food and coffee director Briony Raven told MCA the good value of the offer, which entitles subscribers to up to five drinks a day for £20, had enabled the brand to target the 20-24-year-old demographic.

She said the additional volume of transactions had enabled Pret to keep on more baristas than it otherwise would have been able to.

Raven said the subscription was a key part of Pret’s multi-channel strategy and one the company would look to build upon in the months ahead.

She told MCA: “It’s been a real opportunity for us to build awareness within a group of people, 20-24 year olds, that potentially had seen Pret previously as a bit expensive, a bit posh, and it gives us the opportunity to reach out to that younger demographic.

“It has surpassed all our expectations, probably four-fold what we thought it would do in the first month. It’s brought customers in and kept our transactions going at a time that’s been challenging for the business. We were able to lose a lot less people as a result of keeping those transactions going. I think that’s been a real a real positive take out from that.”