McDonald’s is increasing the price of five menu items as rising food and energy costs hit, while at the same time introducing a saver meal deal offering.

Franchises across the UK are setting their own new pricing for the Mayo Chicken, Bacon Mayo Chicken, Bacon Double Cheeseburger, Triple Cheeseburger and a Medium Carbonated Drink.

All items are roughly increasing by 20p, with the cheapest item on the list, Mayo Chicken, moving from around 99p to £1.19, according to reports.

A spokesperson told the Standard: “We are committed to offering great tasting food at affordable prices. However, like many businesses, the impact of the increase in food and energy costs continues to affect our company and our franchisees.

“We carefully review and adjust pricing to offer great value and quality.”

The chain is also trialling new meal deals at 120 outlets in the South East of England, called ‘Saver Meals’, from Wednesday.

Customers can bundle items on the Saver Menu such as a cheeseburger, a side and drink for discounted prices. Previously diners had to purchase these items individually for no discount.

The trial will see the Cheeseburger, Mayo Chicken or Double Cheeseburger available with a side and a drink to form the Saver Meal.

The Cheeseburger and Mayo Chicken Saver Meals will be priced at £3.99, with the Double Cheeseburger at £4.79.

The trial will last 12 weeks, until May 9, and if popular, could be rolled out across more locations.

Last summer the fast food giant upped the price of a cheeseburger from 99p to £1.19 for the first time in 14 years. Cheeseburgers now cost more than £1 for the first time ever.

At the time Alistair Macrow, chief executive officer of McDonald’s UK and Ireland said it was due to the impact of rising inflation.