German Doner Kebab owner Hero Brands has launched salad-focused fast casual concept Choppaluna in Bloomsbury.

The new brand, which was first reported by MCA to be coming to the UK in January 2019, opened this week.

The brand aims to show salads “don’t have to be boring”, and offer a “guilt-free, indulgent menu” of vegetarian and vegan options.

Customers can choose from 60 fresh toppings which are prepared in front of them.

Choppaluna will be takeaway and delivery focused, so will be able to continue trading when lockdown kicks in on Thursday.

Like German Doner Kebab, Hero Brands hopes to expand the concept by franchising, with further sites to follow in London and the wider UK throughout the next 12 months.

The brand is an anglicised version of German concept Salaid.

Salaid founder Nikras Agha said: “We came up with idea in 2015 after I saw chopped salad restaurants in the US with my wife and thought it would work in Germany.

“The business has gone from strength to strength, so expanding it in the UK was the next logical step.

“Obviously, a key part of our product is that it is healthy, but it has to taste great as well. People won’t feel like they are being short-changed by having one of our salads.”

Athif Sarwar, CEO of Hero Brands, said: “The person having salad for lunch is no longer missing out and wishing they had something less healthy, Choppaluna is bringing guilt-free indulgence and will be a true star in the fast-casual space.”