Crussh chief executive Shane Kavanagh has told MCA the healthy eating concept’s franchise deal with Sodexo provides an opportunity to improve the wellbeing of hospital patients.

Kavanagh said the deal, which will include at least 35 new sites over the next five years, across the UK and Ireland, fitted in with the company’s mission is to improve the wellbeing of customers.

As well as hospitals, the deal will see Crussh enter universities and workplaces, which Kavanagh said was appealing to Crussh in terms of accessing new customers he was confident would welcome the offer.

Crussh will adapt the format for each location, covering traditional café formats, as well as larger scale sites, food trucks and pop-ups.

He told MCA: “We are really excited about this partnership, it is a great opportunity to get our product to new markets.

“It is currently the more established branded players in these markets, as well as the larger contract caterers, so it’s exciting to be the first healthy food and juice chain to enter this space. We are really confident our offer will fly in these locations.

He added: “We have been doing a lot of work on trying to get our product in front of new customers, and I think this is a logical progression of this.

“We try and approach each opportunity individually, and figure out the best operating format for customers in the space, whether that’s a food truck, kiosk or full size cafe.

“The partnership with Sodexo opens up lots of new audiences for us, and we see great opportunity in them all. Universities and workplaces are both really appealing and there is definitely a great customer base there for us.

“However, our company mission is to improve the wellbeing of our people and our customers, and with that in mind I think hospitals present a massive opportunity. Hospital food is not famous for being healthy and I think we can offer something different that has the potential to make a real difference to people so it’s pretty easy to get excited about that.”

The first site will be opening in summer 2018, with a pipeline of sites under review.

It follows a separate deal announced in April for Crussh to roll out across travel hubs in the UK and internationally.