CP Foods, the owner of the Chozen Noodle and Chow Asian Kitchen, is eyeing further in-store opportunities with Co-op after launching two franchises with the group.

Chozen founder Matthew Kirby, who is overseeing CP Foods’ four brands, said transport hubs would also by a focus for the group’s core brands Chozen and Chow.

He told MCA he has opened around seven Chow sites in the last 12 months, the more Thai-focussed concept, as well as around three Chozen concepts.

Kirby said Wrapid, the concept which CP acquired in 2016, gave additional options to franchisees, but was not as in demand as the Asian brands.

He told MCA the challenges on the high street meant he was taking a cautious approach to expansion, but would take opportunities when they arose.

He said: “Transport hubs have been pretty good and are a focus for growth. I wouldn’t say no to high streets, I’m just more reluctant to do it in the current climate. It’s not as good as a transport environment. We are always looking at different channels.

“The joint venture with the Co-op, which has seen them open a couple of units with them in store in Leamington Spa and Oxford, has worked out pretty well. Its early days but it’s encouraging and I would hope there could be further opportunities.”