Fledgling café concept, Temptations, which was co-founded by former All Star Lanes chief financial officer Graham Harris, has launched a £600,000 crowdfunding campaign to fund a planned growth of 11 sites over the next four years.

The company, which currently operates cafes in Clerkenwell and Highbury Corner, is offering a 25% equity stake in return for the investment in the Seedrs campaign.

The pitch says: “Demand for something different at lunch time is increasing, particularly in London. The lunch time market is not just about the grab and go sandwich shops such as Pret A Manger and Eat anymore. Our competition comes from street food markets, new concepts such as Chilango, and Five Guys where you can have a tailor made lunch experience. There is also a move towards a more premium product for lunch with a Burrito in Chilango costing around £6-£7. Temptations intends to offer a premium alternative with great variety to the high street chains, with all of our ingredients carefully sourced, and cooked by us onsite.

“Another big trend that we are seeing is customisation. This gives us an advantage over the more traditional grab and go sandwich shops, as we have been able to react to this trend with our hot roast sandwich, which is carved in front of the customer, as well as our online ordering system, which allows the customer to order almost any combination imaginable. Our online ordering system is not simply a copy of our menu but a list of our ingredients for our customers to select from.

“We believe the customer is also becoming more polarised in their choice of food, especially at lunch time. One day they will want to be really healthy, and choose a superfood salad, but the next day they will choose a fully laden pulled pork brioche bun. Our offer caters for both ends of the spectrum.”